About us

Rio Star Foods is a custom USDA poultry processor located in Dallas, Texas providing quality fresh and frozen products to wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators.

Our products are currently distributed across North America and are available to be exported internationally. Our unique technique of using highly trained individuals to hand cut our products has allowed Rio Star Foods to differentiate ourselves with the highest quality products available in our industry.

Started in 1996, Rio Star Foods quickly grew to become a premier deboning company in North Texas. Our companies’ initial vision of ensuring that all of our customers receive the specific products that they need has allowed Rio Star Foods to grow to the point where we are producing over one hundred items that are being delivered to domestic and international markets. Allowing customers to get what they want, when they need it is key to pleasing customers and, through Rio Star Foods operational flexibility, we have been consistently able to exceed this expectation.


Rio Star Foods meets and exceeds USDA requirements.


We adhere to all HACCP food safety management guidelines.


Our production facility utilizes strict temperature controls from receipt to shipment of all products.


All raw materials received at the plant have been born, raised and harvested inside the USA and as such, all products produced by Rio Star Foods have passed USDA standards for wholesomeness.


Rio Star Foods processes tens of millions of pounds annually under strict food safety and quality guidelines.


Our processing operations are monitored daily by an experienced team of Quality Assurance Managers and Supervisors.


Additionally, Rio Star Foods is regularly inspected and is in good standing with a third-party auditor to ensure good manufacturing practices in our food safety system.